Compatriot President: William Howard Taft

President TaftWilliam Howard Taft


27th President of the US


William Howard Taft served one term as our 27th President of the US.  He was born in Cincinnati, OH, on September 15, 1857.  William H. Taft graduated from Yale and the University of Cincinnati Law School.  He became the 5th US Solicitor General in 1890.  In 1901 he became the first Civil Governor of the Philippines.  In 1904 President Roosevelt nominated him to be Secretary of War.  In 1906 he became the first Provisional Governor of Cuba.  Three years later in 1909 William H. Taft became President Taft.
After leaving the White House, Taft became a law professor at Yale.  In 1921 President Harding appointed Compatriot Taft Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.  He died one month after his retirement from the US Supreme Court on March 8, 1930 in Washington, DC at the age of 72.  He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery, VA.