Compatriot President: William McKinley, Jr.

President William MckinleyWilliam McKinley, Jr.


25th President of the US 



William McKinley was twice elected and served from 1897 to 1901 as the 25th President.  He was born in Niles, OH, on January 29, 1843, attended Allegheny College in Pennsylvania, and volunteered for the Union Army in the Civil War.  He distinguished himself in action, rising to the rank of major.  William McKinley was the last veteran of the Civil War to be elected President.  He later was graduated from the Albany Law School.
McKinley served in the House of Representatives, later was elected Governor of Ohio, and became a national figure.  In 1896 he was nominated at the Republican National Convention and elected President by a large plurality.
President McKinley died in Buffalo, NY, on September 14, 1901 at the age of 58, of wounds received in an assassination attempt eight days after being shot.  Vice President Theodore Roosevelt succeeded President McKinley.  McKinley is buried in Canton, OH.