Receiving a Designation of a National Historic Event


The following criteria were adopted by the Historic Sites & Celebrations Committee at its meeting during the Fall 2012 Leadership meeting in Louisville.
  • A recognized battle or event of the Revolution must have occurred at or near the proposed location
  • Established history of an event being held by a NSSAR Chapter or State Society
  • Evidence of participation by multiple NSSAR State Societies or Chapters and other organizations at the event
  • The history of the event that indicates that it will continue into the future
  • A written packet of information prepared for distribution to the Committee in advance and to contain:
    • Information about the battle or event
    • Evidence as to why it is important that the event be considered of national significance
  • In a state with no Revolutionary War battle or event sites, an explanation as to why the proposed event should be considered of national significance
A chapter or state society wishing to have an event considered for designation as a National Historic Site or Celebration should prepare a written proposal addressing each of the criteria cited above.  The written prop