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NSSAR JROTC Honor Legion for 1998


NSSAR JROTC Honor Legion for 1998

John C. Haughton, Chairman NSSAR ROTC/JROTC Committee

The National Society Sons of the American Revolution is pleased to announce the NSSAR JROTC Legion of Merit for 1998.   This is the first publication of this annual recognition of Outstanding Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) Cadets.  Each of these 12 Cadets was selected by their sponsoring State Society and local Chapter as outstanding young citizens of their community, with high academic achievement, strong leadership skills and military bearing.

As a High School Junior she ranks academically at the very top of her Naval Science (NJROTC) class as well as her general education classes.  Her Naval Science Instructor states that she is an effective cadet officer and platoon commander in a 250-cadet battalion.  Rosalyn was selected to attend the highly competitive NJROTC Leadership Academy, where she outperformed the majority of the older cadets and demonstrated exceptional military potential.  She is an integral member of the NJROTC Drill Team and Color Guard.  The Bremerton HS Principal states that Rosalyn is an exemplary student, leader, and citizen.  She is always willing to give of her time and talents to help the school and the community while maintaining a 4.0 Grade Point Average with advanced placement classes, and some college courses through the Running Start Program.  Along with excelling in her rigorous course work, she is a leader in the NJROTC unit, is an active member in the National Honor Society, Leo Club and Key Club service organizations, is on the Knowledge Bowl team, and through the Science Club she teaches science to exceptional 5th graders in area elementary schools.  Rosalyn is the recipient of the Hugh O’Brian Leadership award, and has been selected to attend the Washington State Business Leadership Camp.  Rosalyn is a two-year varsity letter winner on the tennis team, and the leading member of the defending state champion orienteering team (three-year letter).  Rosalyn also gives of her time and talents to volunteer in her community by working with Special Olympics Basketball and Bowling tournaments, Retsil Veteran’s Home, Salvation Army food distribution, Red Cross CPR training, tutoring to elementary students, and ushering coordinator for community concerts and symphonies.   Principal Rieger closes by saying, “Beyond all the “things” Rosalyn is involved with, there is a genuiness about her.  She does what she does because she cares about her school, her community, and her family.”

Since winning this award, Rosalyn has won additional awards, and has been promoted to be Battalion Commander.


General Frederick J. Kroesen, USA (Ret.) presents NJROTC Battalion Commander Rosalyn Pham with a check for $1,000 and a certificate naming her as SAR Outstanding JROTC Cadet for 1998.  President General Carl K. Hoffmann looks on with John C. Haughton, Chairman of the NSSAR ROTC Committee.   Note the National JROTC award around Pham's neck.


1999 Update on Rosalyn Pham:   Rosalyn served as Battalion Commander of her NJROTC unit this past year, graduating with the rank of Cadet Commander.  Following graduation, this summer she will be going to Japan as a respresentative of her city, Bremerton.   She will spend a month there with her host family learning about Japan and their culture.  In years to come, Rosalyn plans to complete her undergraduate work in Computer Science and PreMed at Johns Hopkins University, and she hopes to do her graduate studies at the Johns Hopkins University Medical School or the University of Washington Medical School seeking a doctorate in Medicine.

2000 Update on Rosalyn Pham:   Rosalyn served as Battalion Commander of her NJROTC unit in 1999, graduating with Honors.  Following High School graduation, she was enrolled, at Johns Hopkins University where she plans to complete her undergraduate work in Computer Science and PreMed, and hopes to do her graduate studies at the Johns Hopkins University Medical School or the University of Washington Medical School seeking a doctorate in Medicine.

Rosalyn has completed her first year at Johns Hopkins University.  In addition to her academic schedule she continues to do volunteer work in the Pediatric Oncology department of John Hopkins Hospital, and is also involved in a large service organization called Circle K (the college branch of the Kiwanis club).   It's the largest service group on campus, working to benefit the local community.   Some of the volunteer projects Rosalyn has worked on include cooking for families at the Hopkins Children's House, helping with senior citizens at a local hospital, and helping with senior citizens social events in the area.

2001 Update on Rosalyn Pham:   "Well, I am currently in my Sophomore year of college at Johns Hopkins University.   I am actively involved in volunteering in the neurosurgery unit of the Johns Hopkins Hospital and have been working in neurology research at the Johns Hopkins Medical School.  I'm an outfielder on the Hopkins Women's Club Softball team and also tutor a woman working to obtain her GED.  I have a strong interest in anatomy, physiology, and neuroscience which inspires my goal to major in Biology and minor in Psychology.  Eventually I would like to go on to medical school and become a Navy Medical Corps officer (other service branch possible)."
Rosalyn Pham


2002 Update on Rosalyn Pham:   "It is indeed a great pleasure to hear from you.  I have from time to time visited the SAR website and reflected upon the wonderful memories I have from my past participation in SAR events.

I am now finishing up my 3rd year of college.  This past summer, I studied abroad in Vietnam and volunteered in a medical clinical, an orphanage, and a nursing home and taught English at the local university.  I began a new research project in the Fall of 2001 working at the now Sidney F. Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center of the Johns Hopkins Medical School.  The project involves gathering experimental evidence for or against the synergistic effects of chemotherapy drugs with specific tyrosine kinas inhibitors as possible therapies for patients with acute myeloid leukemia.  I applied for and received a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Summer Research Fellowship for this summer to work on this project.

My intended major is Molecular and Cellular Biology and as such, I am quite fortunate to be a sponsored student member of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.  Furthermore, I was recently selected for induction as a member of the national Tribeta Biological Honor Society.  I continue in my pursuit to serve the needs of others through my volunteer duties on the neurosurgery unit of Johns Hopkins Hospital, as well as through tutoring of a local high school student and college student.  My ultimate goal of attending medical school has yet to waver.

Thank you for your maintained correspondence.  Please extend my best regards to the other members of the SAR whom I have had the privilege of meeting."

Rosalyn Pham

The NSSAR Outstanding Cadet of the Nation for 1998 is:
Cadet Ensign Rosalyn Pham of Bremerton High School, Bremerton, Washington
sponsors:  Alexander Hamilton Chapter and the Washington Society

Vice Commander: