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  1. PG Butler on the Road - ROCKY MOUNTAIN TOUR




    Nov. 1-8, 2009

    The “Rocky Mountain Tour” in the past has been a road trip, which involved a bit of sightseeing.  This year the “tour” was mostly by air.  Rocky Mountain District VPG Perkins Patton met us with the members of the ASSSAR when we arrived in Tucson, AZ, and remained with us until we departed Albuquerque.


    Greetings fellow compatriots.  The leaves in some parts of the country have turned to gold, rust and plum, while in other areas the trees are bare and snow is on the ground.  It is the time of the year when we think of turkey, pumpkin pie and football.  As we near Thanksgiving, Robin and I want to extend our best wishes that you and members of your family have a safe and happy holiday.




    Nov. 10, 2009

    As a Revolutionary War lineage society, one of our main purposes is to honor our patriot ancestors – our nation’s first veterans.  By tradition, we have honored veterans of all wars since.  Now, with military conflicts in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and tensions in Iran and North Korea, it is important that we honor our active duty military who are in harm’s way, as they are already veterans.

  4. 229th Anniversary of the Battle of Kings Mountain 2009

    229th Anniversary of the Battle of Kings Mountain

  5. SAR Patriot Grave Marking Ceremony - Colonel Frederick Hambright


  6. 235th Anniversary of the Battle of Point Pleasant


    235th Anniversary of the Battle of Point Pleasant

    Point Pleasant, WV - O

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  8. The 229th Anniversary of the Gathering at Sycamore Shoals


    The 229th Anniversary of the Gathering at Sycamore Shoals

    Elizabethton, TN – September 18 & 19, 2009



  9. 228th Anniversary of the Battle at Eutaw Springs


    228th Anniversary of the Battle at Eutaw Springs

    Eutawville, SC – September 5, 2009


    This is the "Forgotten War", the battle that has for too long gone unheralded in the annals of American History.  Yet it was the bloodiest conflict of the Revolutionary War and marked the capture of one our most talented cavalry commanders, Lieutenant Colonel William Washington.  For years it has been rumored that the battlefield at Eutaw Springs had been covered by the

  10. Phase 1 - Build out of the SAR Genealogical Library

    The Center for Advancing America's Heritage Building Project takes its first steps


    Below is a video that shows the signing of the contract for the first phase of the CAAH project, the build out of the SAR Genealogical Library in downtown Louisville.  The video also shows the ceremony held at the location of the new Library, with the Mayor of Louisville reading a proclamation.

    These are exciting times in the SAR!

    See video
  11. SAR is planning a trip to Spain in 2010

    Please join us for a wonderful 10 day trip to Spain, May 10-20, 2010. We will visit the Cathedral in Malaga, where the church members donated the money for the second tower of the church to Gen Bernardo Galvez, for guns, ammunition, and supplies to fight the English up the Mississippi and along the Gulf Coast.

    Spanish Flag
  12. 229th Anniversary of the Patriot Victory at Musgrove Mill


    229th Anniversary of the Patriot Victory at Musgrove Mill
    Clinton, SC - August 15, 2009


  13. Video Message From President General Ed Butler 2009 - 2010

    Our New President General Edward Butler delivers his first Video Message as President General of the SAR.  PG Butler speaks breifly about the history of the SAR, and the Programs that the SAR Supports.  In addition the various awards that the SAR presents are also discussed.

    Lastly, PG Butler briefy talks about becoming a member of the SAR, and how to find the items needed to join.



    See video
  14. PG Butler on the Road: New York City Aug. 4-6, 2009

    The first lady and I were already planning on attending the Atlantic Middle States Conference in Rochester, NY, Aug. 7 -9. I needed to stop in New York City to visit officials of the History Channel. So, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to visit the First Continental Chapter in New York City. I called my long time friend, former Historian General, and current NSSAR Ambassador to Scotland, Dick Sage.  Dick arranged for John Hilliard, current chapter president to give us a tour of the Revolutionary War historic sights in lower Manhattan and a luncheon at Fraunces Tavern.

  15. PG Butler on the road - Texas Society BOM Meeting


    Texas Society Board of Managers Meeting
    Lake Jackson, TX
    Cradle of Texas Chapter - Hosts
    July 30 – Aug. 2, 2009

    It was very fitting that our first official appearance as President General and First Lady was at a Texas SAR Society event.  We drove to this event, which was 525 miles round trip.

    Dr. Don Pugh was the chairman of the event.  He organized a wonderful full day historic tour of Brazoria County, TX, entitled “The Trails and Trials of Santa Anna after San Jacinto in Brazoria County, and Other Historic Sites”.  Brazoria County is named after the Brazos River, the longest river in Texas.  The river empties into the Gulf of Mexico at Brazosport, TX. 

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