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View the construction on Phase II of our Headquarters building with this series of videos.


The construction phase has started and is progressing at a steady pace. It is projected to take 18 months from start to finish.  Below is a series of videos from the start of construction up through the most recent building events. Get some popcorn and your drink and sit back to enjoy each of the videos.

There are more to come.  Stay tuned and watch the progress!  Have you donated?


Number thirteen is now available.                                       posted 7/15/2014



Number twelve is now available.                                       posted 5/19/2014


Number eleven is now available.                                       posted 3/20/2014

Number ten is now available.                                       posted 1/6/2014

Number nine is now available.                                       posted 9/19/2013

Number eight in the series is now available for viewing.               posted 6/26/2013

Number seven is now available for viewing.                                posted 5/20/2013

Number six is now available for viewing.                                posted 5/1/2013


This is the fifth video in the series.                                posted 3/13/2013


This is the fourth video in the series.                               posted 2/5/2013

This is the third video in the series.                                posted 1/13/2013


This is the second video in the series.                          posted 12/16/2012


This is the first video in the series.                                posted 11/18/2012