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US Senate Resolution 376



As Chairman of the NSSAR Government Relations Committee, I have approached our SAR members in Congress to introduce a Congressional Resolution to commemorate the 225th Anniversary of the Signing of the U.S. Constitution on September 17, 2012.  Compatriot Roger Wicker, U.S. Senator from Mississippi, has authored Senate Resolution No. 376  on behalf of SAR but it can’t be introduced without bi-partisan support. Please urge your U.S. Senator to join Senator Wicker as a sponsor of this historic legislation. A detail of this legislation may be found on this link:
A sample message is below and may be "copied" and "pasted" inside an email message to your U.S. Senator. Email links are available on your senator's
website. To locate your U.S. Senator's contact information, please follow this link: As
this is time-sensitive, please communicate - in writing - as soon as possible.
Please help Senator Wicker help SAR by urging your U.S. Senator to join him as a sponsor of S. Res. 376. Please send an email message today!
Your assistance is deeply appreciated,
Bill Allerton, Chairman
NSSAR Government Relations Committee
A Final copy of the resolution is provided Below
bills-112sres376is.pdf26.71 KB