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SAR Hosts New Citizens at Naturalization Ceremony

In October the NSSAR was honored to host its second Naturalization Ceremony at Headquarters. Kentucky Congressman John Yarmuth was the featured speaker and welcomed the audience of almost 400 new citizens, their families and friends attending the ceremony at the Louisville Memorial Auditorium. The Honorable Judge John Heyburn II of the United States District Court swore in 175 new citizens representing 49 different countries. During the ceremony he praised the SAR and its efforts to promote patriotism and advance the institutions of American freedom.

Representing the SAR, Dr. Sam Powell congratulated the new citizens who have joined the ranks of Americans who choose to live here many people, yet one nation, pledging their allegiance to America's flag. At the reception it was inspiring to witness SAR Color Guard members along with DAR volunteers posing for photographs with the new citizens as they sought to document this historic day.

This patriotic ceremony was supported by the George Washington Endowment Fund. Organized as an Outreach Education initiative, this celebration of citizenship offered the SAR an opportunity to inspire the community and our newest citizens. What draws individuals to our nation even today is the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness found in the freedoms earned by our patriot ancestors 225 years ago.

Written By Colleen Wilson, Director of Education