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President Bush Given SAR Award

On Friday the 1st of July, just before the 115th Annual Congress was set to open in Louisville - President General Henry N. McCarl found himself traveling to The White House to give the Society's Distinguished Patriot Award to President George W. Bush, a member of the Texas Society. In fact, he missed presiding over a meeting of the Executive Committee in order to go to Washington. He was joined there by Executive Director James N. Randall and William (Bill) Allerton of the Louisiana Society.

The occasion was the culmination of concerted efforts over a period of time to set up the presentation date and involved a number of members and friends of our Society. In addition to the award ceremony, the meeting encompassed discussions on the teaching of American History in our country's school system. The President and Mrs. Bush were offered copies of the National Society's educational CD. This was the first time in over 25 years that the SAR had managed to arrange a formal meeting and presentation in the Oval Office.

The Distinguished Patriot Award was established during the 1986-87 term of President General Clovis H. Brakebill and may be given only once by a PG during his tenure to an American Citizen for outstanding patriotism to the country. Compatriot Brakebill presented the first one to Bob Hope in recognition of his many years of entertaining members of our Armed Forces. Among others so honored was President Ronald Reagan after he left office; doing the honors was PG Charles F. Printz in Mr. Reagan's Los Angeles office at the time of an Annual Congress in San Francisco.