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Greetings fellow compatriots.  The leaves in some parts of the country have turned to gold, rust and plum, while in other areas the trees are bare and snow is on the ground.  It is the time of the year when we think of turkey, pumpkin pie and football.  As we near Thanksgiving, Robin and I want to extend our best wishes that you and members of your family have a safe and happy holiday.

We, as Americans, have much to be thankful for.  Although we have been experiencing severe financial problems, we are still the strongest democracy in the world.  I am thankful for a strong and resolute military to defend us.  I hope you will keep our service men and women in your prayers.

The SAR has much to be thankful for.  Just a few years ago, we were trying to raise $3,000,000 for a 15,000 square ft. library across the street.  In a few short months we will be moving into our new 17,000 square ft. library on West Main St. in the heart of the museum district of Louisville.  We can congratulate ourselves for a job well done!  We also own the building next door which soon will be home of the Center for Advancing America’s Heritage, and possibly the SAR Smithsonian Museum of the American Revolutionary War.

As you begin your Christmas shopping, please use the SAR web page to order from  Your purchases will cost the same, but SAR will receive a small rebate on each purchase.  This additional income will help us deliver our message.  If you shop at, please START your shopping from our page here or click on the red text above.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Ed Butler