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New Features of the NSSAR Website

New FeaturesCompatriots,

The website team has been working hard to improve the NSSAR Website, and we have several new features on the website that we would like to tell you about.

New Genealogist General Forum

The first new feature is a Specific Forum for the Genealogist General.  The Genealogist General is regularly posting in this forum to communicate with the membership about the aspects of the application process.  If you have ideas or comments that you would like the Genealogist General to see, then this is the place to do it.  Since the forums are Member Only Access, you will need to be logged in first before you access them.  Once logged in you can access the new forum using the link in your menu onthe left, or take the short cut and click here.

New SAR Magazine Archive

The Second new feature that has been put in place is an Archive for the SAR Magazine.  A few issues ago, the SAR Magazine had an online version that you could view on the internet.  We have created a new SAR Magazine Archive here on the NSSAR website so that you can take a look at any of the recent older issues of the magazine.  You can find a link to the Current version and the Archives for the Magazine here.


New, Online NSSAR Meeting Registration


We are excited to inform you of a new feature of the NSSAR Website.  You are now able to register and pay for the Upcoming Fall 2011 Leadership Meeting online.  No need to mail in your forms, you can do it all online.
There is only 1 requirement, that you have a active approved user account on the website.
You only need to register once.  If you have mailed in your form already, DO NOT USE THE ONLINE SYSTEM.  This is an alternative process
that you can use.  The deadline is still the same.  You can find the meeting info here, at the bottom of that page is the link to the online version of the form.


Improved Security

The last improvement we have made will increase the security of our website.  You will notice now, that any time you login, or edit your personal information on the website, that you will be doing so in a Secure Session (I.E. the address bar will show a Locked Pad lock, or have a green or blue background).  All data sent from your computer to the NSSAR website during this process is now encrypted for your protection.

The website team is continuously working had to improve the website to make it safer and easier to use.  We hope that you find these new features easy to use and beneficial.