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The National Ladies Auxiliary : "Congratulations to Illinois, Massachusetts and Texas"

Illinois, Massachusetts and Texas are the newest States to have their own Ladies Auxiliary.  We thank Jane Bradley in Illinois, Lisa Colby and Shiela Manning of Massachusetts and President Shannon Smith and Treasurer Henrietta Slagle of Texas along with the ladies that assisted them for all their hard work.

It is very exciting.  We now have nine States' with Ladies Auxiliary's with a membership of well over 550.  There are many, many more States to come and there are three or four about to formalize and become official.

Our Ladies Auxiliary has purchased, through donations, twenty-two (22) chairs of the forty needed for the Center for Advancing American Heritage.  These chairs cost $500.00 each!

Our working capital comes from our ability to sell "opportunity tickets" on items that are donated by individuals and States.  It is only through the never-ending generosity of the members of the SAR and their families that this all becomes possible.   These fund raising opportunities are held at the two Trustee's Meetings and the Annual Congress.  At local, State and National SAR Meetings the Ladies Auxiliaries organize events for the attending ladies.  Their second objective is to provide an atmosphere congenial to fellowship.

Your contributions and support of the Ladies Auxiliary and the Sons of the American Revolution are sincerely appreciated.