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NSSAR Reinstatement & Retention Data Now Online


By:  NSSAR Reinstatement & Retention Committee
Completing a portion of the charge given by President General David Sympson in his inaugural address, the Reinstatement & Retention Committee is pleased to announce that it has established a webpage on the NSSAR website.  This webpage will provide both retention statistics (derived from the Annual Reconciliation Reports supplied by the State Societies) and tools that have either been developed by the committee or by other state societies that can be used to increase retention and reinstatement efforts (check back after Congress for these tools).  
The Reinstatement & Retention Committee webpage can be found under the “Compatriots” tab on the NSSAR homepage.  The webpage has an introductory letter and links to data reports and tools at the bottom of the letter.  
This focus on Reinstatement & Retention has grown out of a question from another patriotic organization’s leadership to our leadership on how well the SAR retains its existing members.  At the time the question was asked, no answer could be given.  
After analyzing the data from the Annual Reconciliation Reports submitted for the year ending 31 December 2010, the answer is that the NSSAR was able to retain 88.55% of its existing membership after adjusting for the number of deaths reported.  (As a note, 2.15% of the total 2010 NSSAR membership were lost to death during the year.)  In 2010, retention rates ranged from 60.61% to 100.00%.
Even with the wide range of retention rates, one of the most surprising results from the analysis was that the size of the state society had no bearing on the retention rate with larger societies generally having better success.  
Please check back frequently as the Reinstatement & Retention webpage will be updated with tips, tools, reports and other items that will help your state society increase its retention rate.