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NSSAR Merchandise Online Store Back In Business


NSSAR Online StoreI would like to announce to you that after a two and a half month absence, the NSSAR Merchandise Store is back online.  The Store can be found at, or by going to the “Compatriots” tab on, and then selecting SAR Store found at the bottom of the list.
The “new” store went online Sunday May 15th, and has been operational since.  The “new” store has several improvements, and will make life easier for our members.  These Features include:
  • The Ability to search the NSSAR store from the Main website.  You can search for the products name or SKU#.
  • Integrated theme.  The Store website is now clearly identifiable as part of the NSSAR Websites, sharing the same look and feel.
  • Any of the orders you place will be easily accesable via the "My Account" section of the website once you are logged in.
  • One of the biggest new benefits of the “new” store is the use of a single set of login credentials.  

If you have a user account on, you can (and should) use that to login at the store at check out.  

You will no longer have to remember a separate set of login credentials for the 2 different websites ( and  

If you did have a set of login credentials for the old store site (prior to March 2011) those will no longer function, and you should “throw them out”.  They will no longer work.

If you can not find what you are looking for, try the search feature that is located at the top right hand corner of everypage.  We are working continually working on adding more products to the store, so if you do not see what you are looking check back in a couple of days.  We will also be working on improving the descriptions and images for many of the items in the store.

Please take the time to stop by the new store (, and browse around.  Please let your local State Society and Chapter members know that the online store is back in Business.  
If you have any issues, comments or questions please feel free to contact the Webmaster (sarwebmasteratsar [dot] org).