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NSSAR on Exhibit at Louisville International Airport


Traveling through Louisville? Do you want to learn more about genealogy and discoveries uncovered by members? Are you drawn to artifacts from the Revolutionary War? For the second time, The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution has installed two exhibits in the Pegasus Gallery of the Louisville International Airport. The Pegasus Gallery is located on the airport's second floor by the escalators.

The SAR's exhibits are on display from October 2, 2010 - March 31, 2011. Genealogy is the theme for the first display case and showcases the new SAR Genealogical Research Library. Several SAR members' photographs are displayed along with a short history of their Patriot ancestor. The featured ancestors illustrate where genealogy research can take you.  For example, Michael Henderson, the first African-American member of the Georgia Society SAR, stated that “His research into his Louisiana Creole ancestry led him to Mathieu Devaux dit Platilla, a French national who served as a militiaman under the command of the Spanish Governor General Bernardo de Galvez, who led troops in several major battles in Louisiana and along the Gulf Coast.” Also included in the display are members who descended from notable patriots, such as John Works of Washington D.C., a descendant of Thomas Jefferson, and Rick Ramirez of Texas, a descendant of Patrick Henry. This enables the public to connect history with people alive today. These patriots represent the global reach of the SAR. The lineage of George Washington is also presented as part of the display. Vital records are displayed in such a manner so that the public understands the types of documentation required for SAR membership. All of the exhibited documents are available at the library and encourages people to become an SAR member. SAR programs are also highlighted by displays including SAR medals, photos of grave markings, and an SAR grave marker.  

Pegasus Gallery's second case features Revolutionary War Camp Life.  Artifacts from the NSSAR Museum Collection as well as the personal collection of Executive Director Joe Harris draw the attention of the
hundreds of travelers as they move through the airport. Uniforms, haversacks, accoutrements, and supplies used everyday by a Revolutionary War soldier all combine to illustrate life during this time period.
These exhibits give people from across the world the opportunity to discover the SAR, the excitement of genealogy research, as well as the Revolutionary War period in American history. Louisville's Arts & Cultural Attractions Council sponsors these exhibits to promote Louisville's cultural community to travelers. Acceptance in this program required the SAR to submit their exhibit plans and present their ideas to the Council for their approval.  Numerous travelers along with airport personnel have expressed their appreciation to the SAR for these exhibits and are eager to share their own experiences in lineage research. The SAR and its Center for Advancing America's Heritage welcomes this Outreach project and the exposure it brings to our mission.