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NSSAR Americanism Committee announces 2012 Contest Score Sheets Rollout


By: Mike Tomme, Chairman & Mark C Anthony, Vice Chairman
The NSSAR Americanism Committee has finalized the changes to the Americanism and President General’s Streamer contest score sheets for the 2012 contest year.  This annual contest runs from January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012.  Winners will be announced at the 2013 Annual Congress in Kansas City.
The 2012 score sheet has incorporated suggested changes provided by fellow compatriots from around the country throughout 2011.  The primary changes that have occurred are the addition of lines on numerous tabs of the Excel spreadsheet and the increase of a number of maximum points allowed.  Other changes include the addition of clarifying text and directions on many tabs in an attempt to clear up misunderstandings over data entry.
One thing that has not changed is the number of tabs used.  The format of the score sheet as a Microsoft Excel spread sheet facilitates the calculation of points through the use of various tabs (17 of the 18 tabs are used for data entry) and protected formulas.  If you do not have Microsoft Office on your computer, the form can be accessed either through Open Office (a free ware program available on the internet) or by utilizing a computer at your local library.   
The NSSAR Americanism Committee continues to encourage all chapters and state societies to participate in these annual contests.   The committee has noted a dramatic increase in the number of chapters that have submitted entries each year since 2010 with an even greater increase in the number of chapters becoming eligible for consideration for the President General’s Cup.
The key to participation that must be reiterated is that the compatriot responsible for the compilation of data should do so over the course of the year and not wait until the end of the calendar year and try to recreate all the data from memory.  This latter approach only leads to frustration.   
The NSSAR Americanism Committee stands ready to answer any questions or concerns that may arise.  Later this year, the committee will introduce a Power Point presentation that will provide “tab by tab” instructions on how to use the score sheet, hints and strategies for increasing activity to thus earn more points, and to discuss common data entry errors.
All chapter and state society Americanism Committee chairmen are encouraged to contact the national committee with any questions and concerns.  Also, if the chapter and/or state society does not have such a committee, they are encouraged to start one.  
Good luck in the 2012 contest.