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Honoring the Greatest Generation



At the120th Annual SAR Congress held in Cleveland, OH in June 2010, incoming President General J. David Sympson declared that during his tenure as President General he would lead the SAR in a tribute to our nation’s veterans, especially World War II veterans who are members of the SAR.

At the 105th Annual Congress, in 1995, there was an effort to recognize the World War II veterans that were in attendance then.  Of the 342 compatriots present, 142 declared themselves as World War II veterans.  As of June 2010, 54 of those veterans are still members of the SAR.  

Thanks to President General Sympson’s commitment to honoring these veterans a new effort is being made to identify current members who are World War II veterans.  A survey form is available on the SAR Web page that can be submitted to the World War II Corps Adjutant.

As results arrive a new list will be compiled and published on the SAR Web page.  In this small way we honor the “Greatest Generation”.

We encourage all veterans to complete the Military Service Reporting Form which can be found on the NSSAR webpage.


Help honor this generation and let us know by filling out the online survey!



Daniel R. McMurray
World War II Corps