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Genealogy Seminar - Recruiting and Qualifying the Prospective Member

Genealogy Seminar - Cracking the Code on Recruiting, Efficiently Qualifying, and Retaining the Member

This Power Point presentation was given by Larry Cornwell, Genealogist General (2011-2014) at several National Leadership Conferences, Congresses, and State Society meetings, and has been revised for the 2014 Congress by adding a section on Retaining the Member. It is for the chapter that hasn't met with success with recruiting, qualifying, or retaining its members. It's also for leaders in the state society or district who need a tool to encourage their chapters to learn of ways to increase and hold their membership numbers. It can also be used by the compatriot who wants to efficiently research collateral lines to recognize and qualify his other patriot ancestors. It may be viewed individually, or in a "Go to Meeting" type set up with viewers on their home computer."

You will find both a PowerPoint presentation as well as a text document that can serve as a script for the slides.


The presentation covered topics including the successful keys to recruiting and describing in great detail some  efficient methods for qualifying applicants for membership.

UPDATED 07/14/2014: You can now see the video here





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