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DC Society SAR through the Years

The District of Columbia Society held its initial meeting of the season on November 21, when Hon. Henry Stockbridge delivered an address on immigration.  He urged the Society to take active steps to reach the masses of foreigners in our country, especially the aliens crowding in upon our shores, and to teach them practical lessons of patriotism and true citizenship.
The District of Columbia Society on January 16 observed “Ladies Night,” when addresses were delivered by Hon. Seth Shepard and Hon. James T. Du Bois.  The annual meeting was held on February 22, when William L. Marsh was elected President, John E. Fenwick Corresponding Secretary, and Albert D. Spangler Registrar.  The Society has issued a register, giving the names of members and their Revolutionary ancestors, and a long list of deceased compatriots.
The anniversary of the battles of Lexington and Concord was celebrated by the District of Columbia Society by holding a large patriotic gathering, to which the Continental Congress of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the general public were invited.  Addresses were made by Judge John Goode, Mrs. Donald McLean, and others.
The District of Columbia Society on November 20 held its first meeting of the season at the Arlington Hotel.  There was an attendance of about 140.  Nine new members were announced, including Rear Admiral Charles Mitchell Thomas, U.S. Navy, and ten applicants were proposed for membership.  Addresses were made by Judge Stockbridge, Hon. Terrence V. Powderly, and Ambassador David Jayne Hill.
 The District of Columbia Society has appointed a committee, with General Vincent as chairman, to secure the enactment of a law to prevent the desecration of the American flag in the District of Columbia and the territories of the United States.
The District of Columbia Society on May 22, 1908, in company with the Society of Mayflower Descendants, had its May outing at Marshall Hall, opposite Mount Vernon.  After a “Potomac shad bake,” addresses were made by Dr. Raymond, James T. Dubois, Commander John H. Moore, Col. Charles Lyman, and Justice Thomas H. Anderson, President of the District Society.
The District of Columbia Society on November 11 held its first regular meeting of the season.  Dr. Harvey W. Wiley made an address on the growth of patriotism in the United States.  He declares that there has been an awakening of genuine patriotism, particularly among commercial and professional people.  “There is no longer that great craving and fight for nothing but wealth.  Our politics is no longer opportunism, but is for what is right and good.”
The District of Columbia Society, on April 19, held a patriotic meeting in honor of the Continental Congress of the Daughters of the American Revolution.  Addresses were delivered by Senator Owen, of Oklahoma; President E. B. Moore, of the District Society, and President General Mrs. McLean, of the Daughters of the American Revolution.
On April 28 the Society participated in the ceremonies attending the removal of the remains of Maj. Charles Pierre L’Enfant from Green Hill, Md., to Arlington Cemetery.
In many of the public schools in the District of Columbia on November election day the pupils were permitted to go through the motion of voting and the teachers explained to them the process of voting in the States and the meaning of the ballot.  In the night schools, attended by hundreds of foreigners, lessons on citizenship and naturalization were given, the ballot was explained, and the Sons of the American Revolution leaflets were distributed.  The Society now has nearly 550 members, all in active, good standing.
The annual business meeting of the Society was held at noon, February 22.  The “Oration for Washington by Henry Lee” was read by Barry Bulkley, Esq.  An amendment to the National Society Constitution was recommended for adoption at the Toledo Congress, providing for the establishment of a Permanent Fund.
The District of Columbia Society held its opening meeting of the season at the Arlington Hotel on November 16, when an address was delivered by Gen. John M. Wilson, U.S.A., on some historic flags that have waved over the White House.