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Annual Reconciliation Form has reduced Staff Processing Time at HQ

Annual Reconciliation Form 


Updated : 31 March 2011
After two successful years, the Registration Education & Reporting Committee is pleased with the form’s reception by users.   This form standardizes the reporting of membership data from the various state and international societies, and reduces the number of man hours needed by the National Office Staff to complete the reconciliation process each year.
The workbook contains a cover sheet and tabs for data entry based on the specific membership category.  The form is set up to calculate membership totals based on the data entry.  This data entry can then be compared to the reports available on the National website. 
Besides providing a standardized format for reporting all the changes in membership year over year, the Reconciliation Form also calculates the amount of dues that the society owes to the National Office.  In future years, the form may be updated to include any changes in dues or membership categories.
The form can be found on the National Society’s website in two formats.  The first format is for all state societies to use.  It is set up so that the national dues amount is already in place and the final remittance due will be calculated.  The second format is available for chapters to use in reporting their membership to their respective state society if the chapter collects dues to be forwarded to the state and eventually national society.  On this form, the chapter will need to enter the combined amount for both state and national dues for the amount to be calculated. 
The committee also developed a written set of directions that explains how to use these forms.  These directions are also available on the National website.  Both formats and the directions can be found via the links below this announcement and through the NSSAR Forms tab, elsewhere on the National website. To find them in the forms section, follow these steps:
  1. Click on the "Compatriots" tab
  2. Select "NSSAR Forms"
  3. Using the drop down menu, change the form type to "Secretary's Forms"
  4. Click on the "Apply" Button
  5. The page will now show the forms below.

We have also provided a quick link to the forms here:

The committee has agreed to serve as mentors for users of the Annual Reconciliation Form.  This mentoring will be from state societies through their respective Vice President Generals to the chairman of the committee.  The chairman will then contact a committee member to then work with the respective society.  Since officers change, it is anticipated this assistance will be on-going.  

The deadline for returning the Annual Reconciliation Report is: 31 January annually. 

Lindsey C Brock          Harry M Fife Jr
Registrar General        Committee Chairman