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2013 National Reconciliation Template



The 2013 National Reconciliation Template is now available for data entry.  The 2013 template has been tested by a number of state society secretaries across the nation to find any formula errors and to identify potential issues.  The template that is now available is the result of this testing.  The version of the template that you should be using has the following time / date stamp on the Cover Sheet:  “Last Updated: 20 May 2013 – 800 hours MCA”.
The major change for this year is that all positive additions to the society are entered on a single page.  Also, Memorial memberships can now be correctly entered as both an addition and subtraction. 
Please note that if you have been keeping track of the 2013 membership on the previous form that data does not need to be entered over again.  If desired, that data should be COPIED & PASTED into the new template.  DO NOT CUT & PASTE as that will corrupt the embedded formulas in the spread sheet. 
As always, if there are any issues, please contact the National Office and they will forward all questions and issues to the appropriate volunteers for follow up


The updated versions of the forms can be found on the National website.