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1,000 Color Guard Events and Counting


1,000 Color Guard Events and Counting

Georgia Society of the SAR Honors its Most Prolific Guardsman

Hats off to Garnett (“Jack”) Ferguson who, as of 10 September 2009, passed a remarkable milestone.  In less than nine years in the SAR, Jack has recorded over a thousand events in his Continental uniform, traveling inestimable miles every year and spending from half a day to a weekend for each event – and all at his own expense.  You must know Jack:  he’s the Piedmont Color Guardsman from Georgia who, at 82, still insists on carrying the SAR flag with many, many streamers.

The Georgia Society Color Guard Luncheon honored Jack with an engraved gorget and a plaque commemorating the occasion.  Jack’s wife Lou received the Martha Washington Medal for her years of support of her husband.

Since 2001, Jack has participated in 70 national Color Guard events, 238 state events, and 692 chapter events, for a grand total of 1,000 Color Guard events. He received the GASSAR Commander’s Certificate for attendance at the most state and national events for the years 2003 and 2005.  He was second for the years 2002 and 2004.  He also received the GASSAR Exemplary Service Award (exceeding 100 national and state Color Guard events) in 2005.  Of course, Jack has received both the Bronze and Silver Color Guard Medals for his participation in the many Color Guard events.

 But that’s not all Jack has done.  Jack’s real love is talking to schoolchildren, and they respond to Jack accordingly.  Since 2001 Jack has spoken to 702 classes, for a total of 18,589 children, about Revolutionary War subjects. In 2005 Jack received the Col. Stewart Boone McCarty Award for his work with children.  He “teaches” history by telling the students a series of stories about his subject of the day.  The students are fascinated by the stories and, as a result, remember both the history lesson and Jack.  When Jack revisits a school where he has taught, both students and staff greet him enthusiastically.

Jack has a wealth of knowledge and an incredible memory, which he also shares with adults.  During the same eight-plus years, Jack has spoken to 105 adult groups, totaling
4,572 attendees.  

Jack has received numerous chapter awards and certificates, including the Service to Veterans Medal (with Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster), Bronze Good Citizenship Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, and others.  He has served as Chapter Color Guard Commander.

When Jack turned eighty, he said he was going to “hang it up.”  Saying and doing are two different things, and Jack has done anything but “hang it up.”  His dedication and loyalty are indeed an inspiration.  

A thousand “Huzzahs” to Jack, and a thousand thanks to his devoted camp follower, Lou.