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American Heritage Education Compact Disc Request

Form Description: 

 You can use this form to request a copy of the American Heritage Education Compact Disc.

American Heritage CD Press Release

Since B. Rice Aston's term as President General in 2002 - 2003 NSSAR members have distributed thousands of educational CDs to teachers and administrators across the educational community. The American Heritage Education Foundation developed America's Heritage: An Adventure in Liberty in 1996 for middle school teachers. Within two years the curriculum was expanded to include K-12 material. A revised edition was published in 2001 and 2003 nation-wide and is currently used in school districts across the country.

The American Heritage Education Foundation, Inc. (AHEF) is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the understanding and teaching of our nation's factual and philosophical heritage to promote freedom, unity, progress, and responsibility among our students and citizens. The curriculum focuses on age appropriate and modifiable lesson plans grouped into three different levels: elementary, middle and high school. America's Heritage: An Adventure in Liberty is available free to educators.

NSSAR in agreement with The American Heritage Education Foundation has distributed over 34,000 CDs within the last five years without copyright restrictions. As both interest and the program grow so has the record keeping. The American Heritage Education Foundation requests that we provide the foundation with factual recipient data in order to document our distribution activities. This information is also important when seeking funding to offset program costs.

In order to make it easier for members to obtain recipient information a postcard can now be found in the CD sleeve along with the educational CD. At you can now email the information to the Director of Education, fill out the request form and even request copies of America's Heritage: An Adventure in Liberty under the Education/Youth menu. All responses will be rewarded with a gift for the recipient's classroom. Member feedback has been critical as we look for new avenues to develop this data base. We thank all members who have distributed these CDs and provided us with valuable details about the utilization of this great educational resource. Members who have questions concerning these new options are welcome to contact the Director of The Center for Advancing America's Heritage

NSSAR - American Heritage Education Compact Disc Request

The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution is pleased to provide an American Heritage CD. It is provided to educators at no cost. In order to continue providing educational material such as this, we ask that you complete and submit the following information. Thank you.

You may also reply via fax: (502)589-1671, or via email: Colleen Wilson

To submit a American Heritage CD request electronically use this form:

  1. (1) Follow the instructions to enter the requested information
  2. (2) When the form is complete click "Submit" at the bottom of the screen.

Representatives of the NSSAR may call or contact you in order to assess effectiveness of the teaching materials. Information provided will otherwise be kept confidential. We appreciate your participation in our American Heritage Educational Program, and we look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you!

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