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Life Membership to the NSSAR

Life Membership
in the Sons of the American Revolution


Life Membership in the National Society is available to be purchased at a rate that depends on your age.  At the September 2009 Executive Committee meeting the following fee scale was approved.

For those zero (0) - forty (40) the one-time fee is $900

The rate of decrease for those over forty (40) is $15.00 per year.

So, someone who is forty-one (41) would pay a one-time fee of $885.00 and so on.

Someone at sixty (60) years of age would pay a one-time fee of $600.

A chart showing the breakdown of the payment schedule is included on the Life Membership application form, which is found by clicking on the following link.

  National Life Membership Application

Note:  The Life Membership program listed here covers the National dues only.  Payment of the State Society's and Chapter annual dues is still required to be considered an active member of the SAR.  The completed National Life Member form must be sent to your State Society Secretary for review before it is sent to National.