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Friends of the Library (FOL)

NSSAR Friends of the Library (FOL)



The Friends of the SAR Library (FOL) was organized to assist the SAR Library in implementing its collection development objectives and to provide for the purchase of non-budgeted items such as equipment, supplies and new technology.  The collection objectives include those books, manuscripts, microforms, and online services as needed to enhance and expand the current collection.

A sub-committee of the National Library and Archives Committee, the Friends consists of the Librarian General, National Library and Archives Committee Chairman, Chairman of the Friends of the SAR Library, the NSSAR Librarian, and State FOL Chairmen.  Membership is also open to all SAR members, State Societies, Chapters, and the general public.  The State Society Chairman of the FOL may coordinate the donation of books, microfilms, etc., direct to the Library and promote the Library within his Society so that all SAR members are familiar with it and its programs.

Membership dues of the Friends are distributed as follows:

—60% goes into the Library Endowment Fund, which is the permanent fund for the use of the Library, and from which the gains may only be used by the Library, and,

—40% goes directly to the Library Special Purpose Operating Fund.


NSSAR Library Funding Programs

In addition to donations of family genealogies, Revolutionary War histories, county and state histories, and other books and items of genealogical content, the Library's growth depends upon cash gifts.

The additional recognition programs of the Library include:

—Benjamin Franklin Subscriber for gifts of $300 or more from an individual, Chapter, State Society, or non-SAR organization.

—Library Endowment Fund Contributor for gifts of $500 or more.

—Robert Morris Benefactor for one-time contribution of $2000 or more.

These monetary gifts are also invested by the Society.  Benjamin Franklin Subscribers and Robert Morris Benefactors monies are deposited in the Library Special Purpose Operating Fund; Endowment Fund Contributor monies are deposited in the Library Endowment Fund.

Donors should indicate to which programs they wish their donations be deposited.  Non-designated gifts are deposited into the Library Special Purpose Operating Fund.

For more information on any of the above, contact the NSSAR Librarian, the Librarian General, or your Chairman, Friends of the SAR Library Committee