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Compatriot Medal of Honor Recipients




The majority of the Compatriot Medal of Honor recipients have been identified as a result of the D. C. Society's transcription of genealogical data from its members' applications dating back to 1890, with the aim of posting the data on the Internet for free public access.  Our thanks to Paul Hays, DCSSAR President 2007-09, and to Mrs. Wilma "Sunni" Bond, widow of Thomas J. Bond, Jr. (Registrar General 1994-96), for their work in identifying so many of these heroes.
A very special thank you is extended to Carol Cepregi, Deputy Director of Operations for the Congressional Medal of Honor Society, National Headquarters, Mount Pleasant, SC, who graciously supplied a CD with pictures of many of the recipients.

Compatriot Medal of Honor Recipients

by Stephen A. Leishman, Historian General 2008-2009
The Medal of Honor is the highest military decoration awarded by the United States government.  It is generally presented by the President of the United States in the name of Congress and thus is often called the Congressional Medal of Honor.  There are 26 known compatriots who have received the nation's highest military award.  The time periods are shown below.  Interestingly, at this writing there are no names from World War I.  Their names are listed by war service with rank shown at the time of their heroic action.

Civil War  1861-1865


Indian Campaigns


War with Spain


Philippine Insurrection 


Non-Combat Gallantry 1901-1910 


Mexican Campaign (Vera Cruz)


World War II 





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