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The photocopy or xerox method of reproduction is inexpensive IF you are publishing your newsletter in small quantities.  Almost all printers insist upon a minimum press run.  Usually, they will refuse to print fewer than 100 copies unless they make the unit price prohibitively high.  Because of this, a small chapter will invariably find itself in a better financial position by dealing with photocopiers rather than - printers.  If the chapter is fortunate, it will find one of its own compatriots willing to "print" the newsletter at his own office.

There are drawbacks to photocopying.  Your typed copy must be absolutely clean, without error and camera ready.  Cut and splice lines are sometimes difficult to conceal and photographic reproduction may be far from ideal.   However, many photocopiers do an excellent job of reproduction.  Many even have a photograph setting which produces better photos directly from colored prints.  Somes costs may be as low as 5¢ per page at local sites such as Office Depot.