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Information Technology Committee

Information Technology Committee

The Information Technology Committee considers, plans, implements, assist and trains as needed to satisfy NSSAR needs related to information technology so as to provide and maintain efficient and cost effective internal and external information acquisition, processing and dissemination operations.  The Committee consists of two sub-committees:  the Internal Systems Sub-Committee and the Web Sub-Committee.   The Committee reports all findings and recommendations to the Secretary-General.

  • SARTECHathot [dot] rr [dot] com (Information Technology Committee Chairman)


Internal Systems Sub-Committee works with Headquarters staff to develop and optimize the information technology systems at National Headquarters and the flow of information between National Headquarters and other SAR entities (officers, Committees, State Societies and Chapters).

The Web Sub-Committee works to increase the the functions and use of the Internet to assist in making the general public and the membership of the NSSAR aware of the programs of the organization.  One of the ways in which we do this is offering the SAR forums.  These serve as a tool for SAR Members to talk with each other.  To access these, please login, and click on the "Forums" link that appears on the left hand side.