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Council of State Presidents

Council of State Presidents

The Council of State Presidents is responsible for selecting four members of the National Nominating Committee from its membership of active State Society Presidents. The Council consists of the current and immediate Past President, Vice Presidents, Sr. Vice President, or expected next President of each State Society. The Chairman is the President of the host society for the previous Congress. The Council is advisory and hosts the annual State and Chapter Presidents seminar that is held during the Spring National Leadership Meeting. The main meeting of the Council is held annually at the National Congress. The Secretary-Treasurer is elected each year by the Council at the National Congress.

Current Offficers

Elected at the National Congress in Winston-Salem, North Carolina July 2011



Dr. Abraham Ruddell Byrd, III (Arizona Society)
6502 N. Camino Padre Isidoro
Tuscon,  AZ 85718-2034
arb3574144atpol [dot] net

Vice Chairman:

George Steven Pittard (North Carolina Society)
414 Wilder Drive
Fayetteville, NC 28314
gpworth123atnc [dot] rr [dot] com
John L. Dodd, Esq. (California Society)
10072 Highcliff Dr.
Santa Ana, CA 92705
JohnLDoddatearthlink [dot] net
Assistant Secretary-Treasurer:
Gerald Page Brent  (Mississippi Society)
9580 Plantation Dr.
Olive Branch,  MS  38654
bg0586atcomcast [dot] net

Please see the attached By-Laws for the Council of State Presidents below

COSPBylaws.pdf56.1 KB