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How We Became the United States of America: The Values that Built Our Nation Teacher Registration Form

Form Description: 


    The three year professional development program will enrich and strengthen fifth grade social studies teachers’ understanding of the values and history of the American Revolution.  Along with content programs educators will be supplied with interactive methods of teaching to incorporate materials about the period into their classrooms, beyond basic lecturing.


Content is intended to develop the following knowledge and skills:
  • An understanding of life during that period in our history – both for common citizens and for those who actually fought in battles.
  • An understanding of the documents and the symbols, Constitution, American Flag, Liberty Bell, that were developed during that period.
  • The ability to understand the difference between various Revolutionary War time periods.
  • The ability to understand how people have addressed broad problems.
  • An understanding of the chronology of events during the late 1700s and early 1800s.


Program benefits to Educators:
  • Esteemed professors of History presenting small group sessions focused on the founding of our nation.
  • Free housing for 2 nights at beautiful Laws Lodge – Conference Center at Louisville Seminary
  • Transportation stipend for teachers driving to Louisville.
  • Entrance Fee to Riverside Farnsley-Moremen Landing.
  • All meals and snacks for two day seminar.
  • Free classroom materials for educators to enrich their school’s history curriculum.
  • Stipend for transportation and lunch for their students attending the March program at the University of the Cumberlands.
  • Free transportation to Louisville sites indicated on program schedule.
Teachers must meet the following requirements:
  • Teachers must participate in both the 2-day professional development program in Louisville and the student field trip at the University of the Cumberlands.
  • Teachers must submit all applicable forms/evaluations by the required dates
  • Teachers must submit all covered expenses by the required dates
  • Teachers must be of full-time teaching status


Thank you for your consideration of participating in:

How We Became the United States of America: The Values that Built Our Nation

The Online Registration Form can be found below.  If you prefer a paper copy that is to be mailed in you can find it here.  

Please only use one form of Registration.

Contact Information
Please provide your full name
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Please provide your school name
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Please provide a valid email address
Please provide a valid phone number (area code first)
What is the best time to contact you?
How many students are currently in your fifth-grade class?
How many students will you bring to the University of the Cumberlands for the mandatory March student program? (Current dates Thursday, March 29th or Friday, March 30th 2012)
Do any of your students have learning or physical challenges that would impact this field experience? If so please explain.
What goals do you look to achieve by participating in this professional development program?
As a Social Studies teacher, what are your strengths in the classroom when teaching about the American Revolution? Please list.
What are your weaknesses in the classroom when teaching about the American Revolution?
Please tell us about your teaching background. (Please include your current resume and /or any other pertinent information as an attachment in an email to cwilsonatsar [dot] org or place in the mail to the following address: Colleen O. Wilson, Director Center for Advancing America’s Heritage 1000 South Fourth Street Louisville, KY 40203
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